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About HK Housing Stats

HK Housing Stats is a data project that pulls and displays data for Hong Kong's housing market and its overall economy. This project was created by Angus Leung.

Features Available:

  • Display HK Hang Seng Index and 10-year government bond yield versus savings account interest rates.
  • Display housing price and rent indices, as well as price per square meter for renting and buying.

About the data

Monthly and/or yearly data is shown, as data sources only provide monthly and annual data rather than real-time datasets.

Hong Kong Housing Market

Hong Kong is known for being one of the most expensive cities in the world in terms of housing.

Analysis Project

A viewable source-code is also available on Github for the data charting and interpretation of the HK housing market and economy. The data for the analysis project will not be updated in the future, however the data on the website HK Housing Stats will be updated either monthly or yearly depending on the frequency of data updated by the Hong Kong Government

You can check out the project here: HK Housing Analysis (Jupyter Notebook)

Data Sources:

HK Housing Analysis aggregates and parses data from these sources below:


-6.82% ($-1718)

Monthly Hang Seng Index (HKD)


-854 units

Units Sold (vs prev month)


+1.49% (5.7 pts)

Housing Index (vs prev month)


+0.72% (1.4 pts)

Rental Index (vs prev month)

Data displayed and provided are either monthly or yearly data, not necessarily up-to-date for the current month. HKHousingAnalysis will note what time interval is currently being displayed for data, as well as what date is the data shown for.

Data by third-party providers is not guaranteed to be fully accurate and should only be used as reference and not financial advice whatsoever. Please refer to a real estate agent, financial advisor, or accredited person(s) on your current financial situation. HK Housing Analysis is not liable or responsible for financial or legal damages resulting in the use of the data provided.