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What are the differences between classes A to E?

Class Saleable Area (m) Saleable Area (f)
A < 40 sq m < 430.556 sq f
B 40 sq m - 69.9 sq m 430.57 sq f - 752.40 sq f
C 70 sq m - 99.9 sq m 753.47 sq f - 1075.32 sq f
D 100 sq m - 159.9 sq m 1076.39 sq f - 1721.15 sq f
E > 160 sq m > 1722.23 sq f


-6.82% ($-1718)

Monthly Hang Seng Index (HKD)


-854 units

Units Sold (vs prev month)


+1.49% (5.7 pts)

Housing Index (vs prev month)


+0.72% (1.4 pts)

Rental Index (vs prev month)

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